Friday, December 8, 2017

Reports and Concert!!!

Fishing Reports
Lake Oroville - Been learning and figuring out winter spoted bass fishing on Lake Oroville. It is by far one of the cooler places I have been out on lately. Spotted bass fight like a ton of bricks and the lake is has been absolutely gorgeous this week on these cold, clear, winter mornings. Most fish are coming on float and fly rigs or if we find them top water. Fish average 1-2lbs but as the winter goes on we should be seeing more 3-4lb fish.

Lower Yuba River - I have not been out on the Lower Yuba lately but talking with those that have it is pretty typical reports for the last few months...gripping about small fish but then saying well the dry fly fishing has been good...supposedly the baetis hatches have been decent and fishing small mayfly dries in the flats is catching fish if you can nail the presentaiton.

Lower Sacramento Trout - Fishing up through town has been really good I have heard duing the baetis hatch from 10-3pm on most days. I have not been up there but most of my buddies who are guiding up there have been having been really good days. It is cold and they are fishing long leaders with small bugs under indicators but the size of fish has been good.

The 2nd Anual Cast Hope Benefit Concert is coming up NEXT WEEKEND Saturday Dec 16. 

Tickets are going fast! Get your Tickets HERE Concert is going to be great with Chuck Ragan, Dave Hause, Inland, and Hanah Jane Kyle Furhtermore the raffle is going to be amazing with items from our event sponsor Yeti, Filson, Costa, Breed Love Guitars, Air Flo Fly Lines, Traeger Grills, South Mouth Sauce, and MORE!!!! 

Doors open at 6:30pm and dont bank on getting tickets at the door as this event will sell out!!!!

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Happy Friday!!!!!

Well I can honestly say it feels like winter here…it gets dark at like 430pm and is cold and rainy. I think I have gone to bed at like 7pm the last few nights…pretty sad when your 9 year old stays up later then you.

To be totally honest I have not been doing a ton of fishing. The crowds and hords of people chasing the “egg bite” in October is a hard hurdle to get over for me…I use to love October and enjoy the competitive nature of the guiding during that time of year, but as I have gotten older I have really lost more and more interest in it…that said the fishing during October has seemingly declined every year as well so that hasn’t help hold my interest either…All that said I love fishing and guiding in November –February. Most of the other guides mover over to the coast or Trinity and the Sac, Yuba, and Feather become fairly devoid of people. There are not huge numbers caught on any of those rivers but there is always the chance for a big number day on the Yuba or Sac if the stars align…BUT What does happen though is we catch some of the biggest fish of the year, there are chances to swing flies on the Yuba, Winter steelhead move up the Yuba, sac, and feather that we can run into occasionally …and we may even get some days on Butte Creek where we fish for wild steelhead in one of the most beautiful canyons in California…That said like most things in life winter fishing is really all timing. Rain, wind, blown out rivers, frigid temperatures, and just plain shitty fishing can greet you on any given day. The older I get the more l find myself leaning towards fishing that provides the “chance” or where the reward is enormous but the chance of being rewarded is slim…Almost like an addict needing a strong and stronger dose.

I think this is what draws me to striper fishing and winter trout and steelhead fishing. In striper fishing one fish could be 12” and the next 40lbs as one of my mentors told me very early on, You are always one cast away from a 50lber. Winter fishing is very much the same way…any day the stars can align and it can be AMAZING, but in reality that doesn’t happen very often. When it does though it is so far and above what is normal fishing that it brings me back year after year. The chase or the possibility is what scratches the itch now a days for me…This is really what coastal or true blood steelhead fishermen talk about…how they justify the freezing ass cold water and casting for hours on end matched with late night and early morning drives of 2-5 hours in the dark…I get it, just not my thing.

Either way winter trout and steelhead fishing on the Lower Sac, Lower Yuba, and Feather are some of my favorite fishing of the year and I am really excited as last year with the apocalyptic winter I got almost no winter fishing in.

Open dates:
Nov 18, 21,
Dec 9, 21 -23, 27-30
Jan 4, 5, 13, 15, 20, 27
Feb 3, 10, 12, 17, 19,

Lower Sacramento River: Guided the Lower Sac up outside of Anderson over the last week and fishing was fair at best. I didn’t see one salmon from Possey down to Balls Ferry over a few days. I have heard there are a few redds, but nothing like there should be. The hope is the salmon are late, but I have a hard time believing that with the lack of success of salmon anglers lower in the system. Most people are saying that most of the salmon went up the feather and that is why salmon fishing was so good this year on the feather for most salmon anglers as it was full of Sac and Feather fish. The common explanation for this is that this is the first year of returns for “trucked fish” – Fish that were trucked down to rio vista during the drought and not allowed to migrate out and down the various rivers, imprinting on the way. Either way trout fishing on the Sac is tough right now….I don’t have an answer why but it is what it is. Flows have dropped this week from 8K to 5K so this should mix things up a bit and concentrate fish which is never a bad thing.

Striper fishing on the Sac – Fishing is fair to good depending on weather and air temps. I have had a great afternoons fishing when the weather has been stable but with huge pressure and weather swings moving in fishing can get a bit tough.

Lower Yuba River: Flows are hovering around 1K and I have heard very little on how the river is fishing. Last time I was on it a few weeks ago fishing was fair…a few reds but nothing that I would call great egg bite fishing. Most people I talk to are fishing dry flies and catching fish but most are pretty small in the 10-12” range. I really think that we need some big pushes of water and even some late run salmon to pull fish up into the river again or at least the bigger fish. That said the flows at 1K are at a good level for that to happen – not the usual 700 that the river can be at this time of year. Looking forward to a good winter on the Yuba…really missed it last winter.

Feather River: There is a bunch of steelhead in the feather and the run has been really good. That said there are a bunch of guides and anglers over there fishing and guiding. I have been going out in my jet boat and trying to navigate around them or doing some different floats to stay away from people. That said it is crowded and that is just part of the game.


I will tying on Loon Live this coming week with Matt Callies – tune in here on Thursday Nov. 16 at 6pm or after to check out the archive.
I will be live Nov 16!!!

Upcoming Events:

Lots of cool stuff coming up…

Truckee Fly Fishing Festival
Saturday November 18th Matt Heron (Truckee/Western Nevada Director of Cast Hope) Fly Fishing has partnered with Truckee Tourism Business Improvement District to bring you a day of fly fishing fun! 

There will be a "demo day" with Sage, Rio, Costa, Simms, Redington and Truckee Trout Unlimited, the evening will conclude with a showing of the Fly Fishing Film Tour at the Truckee Community Arts Center. Come and enjoy the best films in the industry while drinking a few beers and meeting new friends. The event will also have a raffle and fundraiser for the Reno/Tahoe Cast Hope Branch. 
Purchase Your Tickets - HERE 

Demo Day and Guide Presentations 
The Free Demo Day will be from 10am-3:30pm at the Glenshire Bridge Fishing Access parking lot in Truckee. Rub elbows with the best Reps. in the biz from Sage, Rio, Costa, Simms, Redington and Truckee Trout Unlimited. Cast the newest rods and lines, try on some new shades and more. During this event, some of the best guides on the Truckee with be giving presentations on topics such as short line nymphing, indicator fishing, single hand spey and more. Dress for any weather and be ready to fish!

Fly Fishing Film Tour 
The evening will conclude with a showing of the Fly Fishing Film Tour at the Truckee Community Arts Center. Come and enjoy the best films in the industry while drinking a few beers and meeting new friends. The event will also have a raffle and fundraiser for the Reno/Tahoe Cast Hope. A local non-profit that gets at risk and underprivileged youth on the water through exposure to the outdoors via fly fishing. 
By November 1st tickets will be available locally, at a discount, at Ace Mountain Hardware in Truckee and the Reno Fly Shop for $15. Tickets maybe purchased online at the or at the door for $20. Space is limited. 
Detailed Schedule of Events - HERE 
Purchase Your Tickets - HERE 

Cast Hope 4th Annual Steelhead Tournament
This is going to be a great weekend with friends, fishing, great food, drinks, and raising money for Cast Hope. As always, all proceeds from the event go to benefit Cast Hope. People attending the event will be receiving 3 nights lodging at Indian Creek Lodge and 2 days of guided fishing on Trinity River. The event includes gourmet meals, wine/beer, a door prize package, two day guided fly fishing tournament with five prize categories! If you are interested in attending this event email Ryan Johnston at, space is limited. Good Luck to this year’s Anglers! 

Dates: The event is going to be held on Dec 7-10, 2017. You will check in on Thursday evening. Fish on Friday and Saturday. Then check out Sunday morning. 

Location: The steelhead tournament will be taking place on the Trinity River near Weaverville, CA. Fish from 25-30" are common on this river with the potential at fish in the 31-35" range being caught every year. This tournament is going to be open to both nymphing and swinging for steelhead. Steelhead caught swinging will carry more weight in terms of points for the tournament. 

Lodging: We will be staying at the Indian Creek Lodge in Douglas City ( Indian Creek is directly on highway 299 with the river running through the back of the property. The Lodge is more a hotel style place with an awesome banquet room where we will be doing meals and hosting all of our festivities. 

Meals/Drinks: All meals and drinks are included in the price of entry. You will be served a delicious breakfast, lunch, and dinner each day of the event. There is also unlimited beer and wine included. 

Cost: The cost of the event is going to be $2,500 per individual angler or $4,000 for a team of two. A great price with everything that comes included in the package. 

Prizes: There are going to be some awesome prizes for the winners this year. All of the prizes are going to be based around the thought of steelhead and will include rods, trips, and cold weather gear. In total there will be 5 different prizes given away to the top 3 anglers, top team, and Big Fish caught. In addition to the actual prizes each participant will be receiving a free swag bag with a Simms Bag, Simms Jacket, Simms Shirt, and other Cast Hope Goodies. 

Sponsor: This steelhead event is being sponsored by The Fly Shop ( We will be using all of their guides for the fishing. They have been around for a long time and are looked upon highly with expertise on the Trinity River

2nd Annual Cast Hope Benefit Concert
Join us for a fantastic evening featuring Chuck Ragan, Dave House, Chris Shiflett (from Foo Fighters), and Inland, December 16, 2017 to benefit Cast Hope. Mark your calendars, you don’t want to miss this concert event! 

Event Date: December 16, 2017 - 6:30pm-10:00pm 
Location: Goldfield Trading Post ( 
1630 J Street, Sacramento, CA 
Cost: $15-$20 per person 

All ticket proceeds go to Cast Hope. Click HERE for tickets 

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Friday Eve Post...waste some time on friday reading.

So, I haven't been fishing or guiding much lately...I usually take the end of September and first part of October off to travel a bit and do some fun stuff with my family. I got out yesterday for a few hours and will be back on the water guiding this weekend…

Fishing Reports – 
I will be guiding stripers through October and maybe even in November depending on how the river holds. Water temps are down to 57-60 degrees depending on where and when one is on the river. Flows are stable and clarity is normal/good. Fishing yesterday was good hooked plenty of stripers in the 3-5lb class had a bigger 10+lber follow a fish to the boat and hooked 10-15lbs fish and lost it at the boat. Also landed a nice King Salmon that slammed a fly and a smallmouth so pretty darn good fishing for a few hours on the water. Fall is traditionally pretty damn good on the river but pressure fronts and big changes in weather can mess with the fishing a bit.

Nice King that crushed a clouser on the Sac while striper fishing
I have a few open dates left this fall/winter and will be focusing on Striper fishing on the Sac as long as flows hold and then trout/steelhead on the Feather River, Lower Yuba River, and the Lower Sacramento River.

Open Dates:
Nov 22
Dec 2, 21, 22, 23, 27, 28,
Jan 2-5, 13, 15, 20, 27
Feb 3, 10, 12, 17, 19

Other Reports…
My band Royals Oaks did a string of shows through Northern California with a great band called Sex Hogs II. Played some really cool venues and played with some great bands as well. If you are in the Reno area and ever stop by the Reno Fly Shop check out Pignic right behind it...a great old Victorian house converted to a bar with a great patio, fire pit, and a variety of BBQ for "Bring your own BBQing". Great live music venue and a just cool hang out spot. Also, Coopers Ale House in Down town Nevada City is a great place for a pint and a cocktail and if you are hungry the Crazy Horse Salon across the street has great food or at the bottom of the hill there is awesome Mexican "California valley" good Mexican. Plus, it has a serve yourself chips and salsa bar which is awesome. In terms of bands we played with a few really good ones...check out the Western Spectres from Reno a great traditional country 3 piece and if you have not check out our good buddy Chuck Ragan check him out as well as we played a few with him. 

da boys... 
Rocking Coopers in NC

I also took my boys back for their first trip to Notre Dame...been a season ticket holder for a while and multi-generational fan so it was time for the youngest brown boys to visit South bend. My dad and I went and it couldn't have been a more perfect trip...ND is an incredibly special place for my father and I and to share it with my boys was a truly special if not bucket list experience. Plus, they won...which hasn't happened the last few trips I have made. Probably get out for the Navy and maybe the USC game this year and then will catch them in Palo Alto for the Stanford game.  

The Golden Dome 
Watching Pre Game

On the field after the game...pretty cool!!!!

Music News…
Just got the new Raquet Club album on pretty much every version possible – digital, CD, Vinyl. Raquet Club is Blair Shehans new band from Knapsack and Jealous Sound fame…I have never thought that any of Blair’s bands sound to different from each other it is almost like each one is an evolved form of his own sound and song writing. There is no better song writer in the muted chords with sparse jangles over them with loud blasting choruses genre then Blair.

Raquet Club

Also was lucky enough to go see Jason Isbell and Frank Turner at the Fox Theater a few weeks ago as I mentioned in my last post…It was amazing Frank Turner is a good buddy of a friend of mine so my wife and I got spend meet him before the show and he is about as cool and down to earth a guy as I have ever met. Also one hell of a performer man. He is prolific when it comes to albums and his set was very well represented of his catalog…A good intro to Frank would be his newest album “positive songs for negative people” and “England Keep my Bones”…Then came Jason Isbell who lets be honest is one of my favorite song writters and musicians period. His performance could best be described as “Polished Nashville” … One thing that most people don’t realize is that he is not only an amazing song writer but an amazing guitar player. All the slide work and solos are him, he tears it up on the guitar.  Pretty damn special show and performance.

Fox Theater Oakland

Frank Turner, Me, and Steph
 I am turning into a pod cast junkie. Obviously check out the Barbless Podcast if you are Northern California or other areas around that neighborhood. It is produced here in Chico, CA by long time friend and chico river bum Nick Hanah and his partner Chad Alderson. I am on an episode as well as many local Nor Cal guides, shop owners, reps, tiers, DFG wardens…all sorts of cool people.

I have also been listening to Fly Fishing After Dark which is out of south florida but the episodes are like 2-3 hours in length so I can only chop through one every so often as it takes for ever…lots of just random BS in them to which is always funny but can get old after the first hour. When I just want to laugh at some dudes drinking beer and talking shit with fly fishing interspersed it is the call.

Also the Drake Podcast is good nice quick episodes…clocking in at about 30mins so great for short drives, runs, workouts, or anything that is quick. Cool part is they always have good interviews and stories and pretty well rounded content.

Music wise my favorite has been Chris Shiflett’s Walking the Floor. Chris plays guitar in Foo Fighters and has his own Americana/Country solo career. He interviews ALL sorts of great musicians from AFI to Sturgill Simpson and a lot of people in-between. Pod cast are about an hour and pretty easy to digest.

Upcoming…Mark your calendar I will tying on “Loon Live” November 15 with the LEGEND Matt Callies