Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Celebrate the independence of American by going fishing or reading this blog post

July 4th holiday weekend is upon us and the throngs of humanity are rushing out to celebrate, camp, travel, fish...basically get outdoors and enjoy summer. No better way to celebrate. The weather here has been HOT! typical Chico/Nor Cal heat wave 100-108. Hot, but if you get on the water early and get off into the A/C by 2-3pm plenty of good fishing to be had and a great way to sweat out the heavy beer, alcohol, or garlic you have been consuming. I have been spending all my time guiding for stripers and things are shaping up to be a great summer of striper fishing on the Lower Sac!

Striper fishing on the Lower Sacramento - Fishing has been good. Good numbers of keeper size stripers and fish up to 10lbs with the big fish 20+lbs starting to show themselves. July -October is when the big guys move up daily into the shallows to eat and anglers have shots at them. Not everyday but most days we see, have shots at, and some times hook some of these guys. Flows are good and water temps are all where they should be so it is shaping up to be a great summer of striper fishing. 

Still fishing the heavy lines but the weeds are starting to come up and there a few spots we are pulling out the intermediate and type 3 lines. 

I still have a few open dates
July 12, 25
August 1, 27
Sept 3, 24
Oct 1, 8, 15
Tight Quarters Striper fishing in the back waters
Summer Striper 
Vacation fishing...I took my family down to San diego to go to the San Diego Zoo, Lego Land, Beach, and site see. While I was down there I got to fish with my good friend Conway Bowman for Mako Sharks on the fly. By far one of the coolest visual fly fishing experiences I have ever had. seeing a 6' 125lb mako eat a popper at 50 feet is pretty Insane and then having that fish rip off line on a 14wt like a bonefish on steroids is pretty cool. Site fishing to these fish on floating lines, poppers, and big flies right under the surface is really cool experience if you are ever down in San Diego. Conway doesn't guide much anymore but Dave Tremble does and is a great guide down there. 

Shark Popper
Rigged and Ready!
Corked on a 14 Weight...
That is as close to a grip and grin shot as I was getting
Music Reports - Been listening to a bunch of old stuff...really enjoying the re-release of the Rolling Stones Exile on Main St. that came out a while ago. Has some great unreleased songs on it and out takes as well as all the classics. Also been listening to Sturgill Simpson as I just bought tickets to see him in Redding, CA of all places. His newest album is a great listen and his older ones are different enough but the same enough to keep it all interesting. Also bought an album by a band named the Quiet Hollers that I heard on AudioTree Live which is really good. They are from Tennessee and at times sound like Band of Horses, Lucero, and kinda 80's indie band...Good listen. 

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

The Wader Makers - Proud to be a Simms Ambassador

Great Video about Simms and making waders in AMERICA!!!! I am proud to be a Simms Ambassador and wear everything from Simms Waders to Underwear to belts to flip flops. Stuff lasts like nothing else and works like no bodies business.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

The don't worry I am alive Post....

Do not fret I am alive…I know it has been a while but as many the month of May is chaos with graduations, baseball, baseball parties, weddings, birthdays, FISHING, Open houses, end of the school year parties…man you name it, the month of May was very busy and rushed right into June! I will get to the important stuff…there is a good amount of water every where this year! I have spent some time up in redding/Anderson on the Sac and up out of Fall River Mills on the Pit and there is snow on Lassen, Shasta, and surrounding peaks and moutains. Far more snow then I have seen in years at this time of year which means good run off throughout July and even maybe into August. Personally I am getting in my summer groove of spending the occasional day on the Lower Sac or Lower Yuba but mostly chasing stripers and bass out on the Lower Sac outside of chico…here are some reports

Lower Sac Striper fishing is picking up. There are good numbers of smaller fish around and we have been getting a fish or two around 10lbs each day. I think most of the bigger fish are still stuffed to the gils with Shad. I saw a nice 15-25 pound fish floating down river the other day and pulled the boat over to look and he had 4 shad tails coming out of his mouth…bit off a bit more then he could chew. Flows are up around 6000cfs and water temps range between 61-67degrees on a given day and stretch of water. Weed growth is just getting going and really not part of the game yet. Fishing should continue to get better and better as the shad thin out and the weeds come up.

Nice Lower Sac Bass
Nice Striper from the Sac this last week
Lower Sac Trout fishing is fair to good depending on the day and the weather. I have had some decent days down low from Barge to Bend but the bite can go from on to off pretty quick. Size of fish in the lower river has been above average as well which is nice. Fish have been eating caddis and smaller stoneflies the best for me. The flows are up around 7000cfs and it is nice to fish some spots that haven’t had water in them for a few years. The first float I did from Jellys to Bend was a bit of an eye opener as I had to remember how I use to fish certain spots as there was much more water then previous summers. River is pretty vacant down low and most days I have the floats to myself.

Lower Yuba River dropped down to about 1800cfs but has come back up to 2300cfs. These are both good flows for floating the river but I have not been over to fish it. I am sure that the up and down is going to be the standard for June and July as run off ebbs and flows with the weather. This is one river that can be tough to fish if the flows bounce around to much. I don’t hear many reports and I don’t know any guides that are on the river so might be a good time go!

Sports Report – So the Giants are in first place but the injury bug has hit them HARD! Pentz, Pagan, Cain, Buster (playing but not healthy), Romo…. all dinged up and lets be real the bull pen is NOT what it has been. While we are 3rd in the major league in winning one run games it seems like the Pen has given up a tone here lately, might be that I am just use to a lock down bull pen and if we have a lead into the 7th it is going to end with a “W”….Today is a big game if we can take 2/3 from the dodgers and split with Boston I am happy with this weeks games.

Music – Been listening to a ton of good music. Bought the newest Northecote Album “Hope is made of Steel” and am really liking it. It is a bit polished compared to his previous albums, wish there was a bit more grit and grime on it so to say, but there are a few solid songs on it that will hold up no matter what. Heard a band by the name of Queit Hollers from Tennese and bought their latest album and am digesting that right now. I saw them on and bought their newest album. If you have never checked audio tree live out I highly recommend it! Great way to discover new bands, get to know bands you may already know, and see some high quality live recordings.

Monday, May 23, 2016

CANCELATIONS - 3 open dates in June

June 14-16 - JUST OPENED
July 6, 13, 25, 
August 1, 5, 6, 9, 
*These dates are first come first serve so call 530-514-2453 or email. 
I am nearly booked up this summer for striper fishing and trout fishing and was completely booked up in June until two clients canceled dates today. All the dates above are prime striper dates and fishing is already picking up as we put a fair amount of fish in the boat yesterday between 3-5lbs. All the big ones are still stuffed on shad but we hooked some of the biggest fish of the year last year during the 2nd and 3rd week of June.

The Lower Sac and Lower Yuba both with plenty of water and snowmelt this year are also great options all summer and should fish well through August and into September. 
Short Reports - 
Lower Sac Shad fishing - been good to fair just depends on the day and the run an angler or boat is fishing. There are fish in the river around chico and most anglers if they cover water can find plenty fish in and evening. The best bite has been from about 4pm to 730pm. Water temps are 60-62. 

Lower Sac Trout Fishing - Fair just depends on the day and weather which dictates the hatches and how grabby the trout are. A little warmer weather and the caddis should really start getting going. 

Lower Yuba River - Flows are stable but still high around 2-2500 cfs. I did well the last time I was out there a week or so ago but not great. I imagine it will be fair for awhile while fish re adjust and settle in .... but who knows man the bugs seem to be there and the fish seem to be there in reasonable numbers just not as many as there use to be...Who knows though if the Yuba wasn't some bit of an enigma it wouldn't be the Yuba. 

Friday, April 29, 2016

Trout opener, rock and roll, baseball, and new gear I have been using...very stimulating reading.

Trout opener is tomorrow…I have never been a guy that gets really excited about the trout opener or heading up to the mountains to trout fish on the opener. It seems like the few times I have made that move I have been utterly disappointed with high water, cold weather, rain, even snow, and lethargic fish…not the vision I place in my mind of fish that haven’t seen flies in months and are awaking from a winter slumber willing to mindlessly throw themselves at my flies. As I have gotten older the opener is more about a theoretical representation or meaning… it is one of the last official signs of spring and means summer is right around the corner. I kinda look at spring along the line of a few milestones…Spring break comes and goes, Baseball season opens, I put my garden in, the shad show up, and the trout opener…That shad showing up and the trout opener are really interchangeable as to when they happen…some years shad first opener second and then others vise versa….Any way if you are heading up or going somewhere for the opener, enjoy your self! Relish in the knowledge that if fishing is not how you frame it in your mind it will be soon! As summer is on its way.

Lower Sac Shad…They are here and here in good numbers. Wade fishermen and boat guys are catching fish most afternoons and evenings. Finding a wind free warm day is going to be best. Bit starts around 4pm and lasts until about 730pm…Early start to the season so I imagine it will be good most of May and by early June may taper off.

Stripers – With the shad showing up the bite has slowed from what I have seen and heard. While there is always fish around and really all one has to do for fishing to be good is find a few hungary fish with the shad around that can be tough. June-Oct is best and should be great this year!

Only a few open dates Left for Summer Fishing!

July 6, 13, 14, 25, 29, 
August 1-3, 5, 6, 9, 27
Sept 3, 17, 24
Oct 1, 8, 15

Carp, Largemouth, and Smallmouth on the Lower Sac are picking up as well and this is a great time for a combo shad/bass trip!

Lower Yuba River - still high but there is fish around and success seems to be if you find the fish on a given day. I have heard some good reports and had a few good days but have also struggled to find fish at times...Not sure what to think. Bug life is good, fish I have caught seem healthy...Only thing I can think of is it is tough to cover all the possible holding water at the given flows and some days you find'em some days you don't. Wade fishermen have been finding a few risers in the evening and midday but I have not taken the time to search them out. Nymphing with attractor nymphs and fishing streamers has been my go to.

Baseball – Giants are fun to watch period…They have had some bumps and ups and downs here over the first month and a sweep of the Padres while the Dodgers get swept by the Marlins is not a bad way to set up the end of April. Pitching is solid but I worry about Cain and Peavey though both have show signs of positive steps forward. All the young arms in the Pen are fun to watch and look great and then struggle at times…In the end a good start to the season and fun to watch a line up like this hit every day.

Rock and Roll music…Cleaned up at the record store this last weekend filling out my Bruce collecetion with The River, Darkness on the Edge of Town, Nebraska, Born in the USA, and Born to Run…Been listening to those pretty much every evening this week. I also order the new Sturgill Simpson on vinyl…Kind of a late band wagon guy for Sturgill as I just discovered him with this new album but have been listening to all his old stuff. One of the great things about him is his band! The drummer and lead guitarist are AMAZING!!! Search out some live videos on You tube.


Been fishing the new Air Flo Sightfree G5 or Generation 5 sight free fluorocarbon salt and fresh water tippet….I rarely get excited about tippet as I just kinda have always figured if a clients ability to land a fish gets down to the break strength of one companies, say 4X, tippet to another then SO MANY things have gone right that to hell with it if it breaks it was not meant to be. That said the new G5 stuff is really cool. The break strength, per the mad scientist Matt Callies not test, is better then listed on the spool and I must say the competition. What has me really pumped is the diameter and stiffness…the tippet is thiner and moves better then much of the tippet material on the market.

With spring in the air it is time for bass, shad, stripers, carp you name it…bigger rods and bigger fish. A few of my recent favorites that are easier on the pocket book are the Scott Tidal and the Echo Boost. I have the Tidal in the 7 and 9wt and for $495 they fish like a $800 rod. The Boost from Echo I have been fishing in the 9wt and is one of my favorite striper rods! For $249 you would be hard pressed to find a better salt or big game rod on the market at that price. Obviously there are some great rods on the market for 700-900$ but most anglers don’t spend as many days with their 7-9wt bass, shad, striper rod so cheaper options that fish great are a good thing!

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Lower Yuba Clinic

My local home town fly shop Reel Anglers Fly Shop are putting on a GREAT clinic this weekend with my good buddies Chuck Ragan (Official) Dave Barbieri Clay Hash and Tom Page on fishing the Lower Yuba River! 

Well over a 100 years experience between these 4 gents. There are 3 spots left...$175 for lunch, full day instruction, gear demos...