Saturday, February 26, 2011

Life with no fishing....

Well I haven't been out in two weeks...last week was booked for 4 days on the Yuba. Yuba blew out and clients weren't interested in the L. Sac. So what do I do with all that free time? Tie flies, play guitar, chase my kids around, comb the internet, watch know the American Dream. I did hit the gym two days last weekend. Which sense I wasn't rowing justified the sierra nevada I was going to drink later.

The Lower Sac flows have remained pretty constant through all the weather we have been getting hammered by but all the tribs blew out so the Posse to Bonnie, maybe to Anderson float is best. The Lower Yuba came down for a day or two but has jumped back up well over 3000cfs with Deer Creek coming up over 1000cfs as well. Also with all the low elevation snow I would guess there is more water that will be coming down as the weather warms up.

Spring training officially started yesterday as the Giants took on the Diamondbacks in their first cactus league game. Gotta love the fact that baseball is starting again. Seems like it just got over but I guess that is what happens when your team plays through October for the first time in 10 or so years. Not much else to report...gonna watch the rivers and hopefully get out soon but who knows. Rain and snow are good and mean all sorts of good things for this spring and summer so I won't complain. Stay safe.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Last Minute Deal

Just had some good clients reschedule their weekend on the Lower Yuba as the river and Deer Creek blew out last night. I wanted to offer up Saturday (Feb 19) and Monday (Feb 21) up to anyone that wanted them for a discount. Full Day guided Trip for two $300. These days would be on the Lower Sac as the Lower Yuba is blown out. These are first come first serve so first to email or call gets the dates. thanks and hope everyone is doing well.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Lower Yuba Weekend

Spent Saturday and Sunday on the Lower Yuba. Fishing was good. Not as crowded with boats as last weekend but plenty of waders. Flows are have been Stable a few CFS under 2000 but Deer Creek is presently rising with the current rain. I can't imagine that the flows will come up to much or Deer Creek will totally blow out. The river was scheduled to drop to 2200cfs last monday and stay stable at that flow but the river dropped again on Friday down to 1900cfs.

Flows are perfect at 1900cfs. Plenty of water for wader fishermen to get at and plenty of water for drift boats to fish. Everybody is happy and not fishing the same water which I think helps everyone.

The fishing was good. We boated 15-20 fish with a few more missed or lost on big runs. both days most of our fish hovered between 15-18". All were chubby and well fed despite rumors of scoured insect life. I will say the fish were really podded up though we caught multiple fish in a few spots and there was some serious dry spells through out the day.

When we found fish they seemed to eat pretty readily based on what we saw flying around. Bug wise there were a few caddis, a few PMD's, a few skwalas, a few BWO...getting the drift a few of a lot of stuff. Most of our fish came on Yuba pupa's, olive birds nest, Jimmy Leggs, and beads. We did pull over a few times and fish skwala dries and rose and landed some nice fish, but dry fly fishing was far from what I would call productive. Also saw a few trout smack natural skwalas. I did not see any fish stacked up on flats eating the Mayflies though which I thought was weird as I have seen fish up and eating when there are fewer bugs. Saw a few bankies hooked up and most bank anglers were doing pretty well fishing dry flies from what I heard talking to a few. As always the guys that got of the beaten path seemed to be doing better.

Over all I think the fish are still getting back on track from the big flow drops over the last 14 days. 3000-1900cfs changes things up. This week will be interesting as we'll have to see what this rain does.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Delayed Post....

So I spent the weekend on the Lower Yuba...Along with everyone else who fly fishes and owns a drift boat from the Hwy 20 Bridge to San Jose. Holy Crap was it crowded. Personally I have never seen as many drift boats on the river as I did Saturday. That said it wasn't that bad....

Flows were around 2600-2500 but have sense dropped to 2200-2100 on Monday 7 Feb 2011. Fishing was fair. Tough to find a pattern on what fish wanted to eat and what type of water they were holding in. Caught fish on a few colors of eggs, Tan Fox Pupa, and a few random attractor patterns. Saw a few caddis around, Darker colored Mayflies...maybe early march browns...I didn't see any of the lighter colored PMD's, Saw two skwalas and fished the dry in some likely holding water but didn't raise a fish...Also didn't try very hard.

All that said now that flows have dropped down to 2200cfs or I think the fish are going to move back into their normal holding waters and hopefully that hatches will pick up and early spring fishing will get a bit more consistent.

In other news...CBS sports rated the Notre Dame recruiting class as the #1 class and ESPN gave them #9. I am pumped the class is DEFENSIVE heavy and we stole a few last minute recruits. One from USC who attended Servite right in USC's back yard...Nice.

In Giants news Pitchers and Catchers report Feb 14, Full Squad Feb 18...First spring training game Feb 25. I am pumped thank god the NFL is over, I hate the NBA, Love College basketball but it really just fills in space....Baseball is almost back....I am scared to say this but I think the giants are improved from last year as well. That said I think they snuck up on a lot of people last year so now they are going to need to be better as everyone is going to be gunning for them.

Go is going to get really good early this year.