Sunday, August 22, 2010

up date....

So striper fishing has been tough...not just for me either. The dudes throwen meat are not catching fish either. Some years I like this I guess and you just gotta keep fishing. I am a strong believer that fishing dosen't get better by sitting at home and bitching about it. So I have been fishing completely new water, new flies, new lines, all sorts of stuff to find fish and entice the ones I know are there to eat....the saga continues.

That said fall fishing is coming up...just got my new drift boat seat and I am stoked someone finally invented a drift boat seat with a hole in the bottom to drain the water. If you have ever rowed a drift boat in the rainy season you know how big this is. not much to report other than that...the giants make me sick on a nightly basis and I am holding out hope for a 10 win Notre Dame Season...I'll be honest though any thing above .500 would be swell....and a sweep of the Academy's...I can't take loosing to Navy

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

New Website Same Address

So one of my projects this summer was to redesign my website. While this blog here is what I update the most and is the most convenient way to disseminate fishing reports, ramblings, news, and other dribble a website is a must. The new site has all the pertinent guiding information, where when and how much, but what I think will be the most useful is all the information on my flies. There is a page dedicated to trout nymphs, trout dries, carp flies, and bass flies where there is a picture of every pattern and color of my flies and a description of how and why it came to be along with how and when I fish it. Patterns with in each page are also sorted into types for easy reference.

Check out the site and let me know what you think

In other news should get out striper fishing thurs - sat so reports to follow.

Over and Out.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Stripers - numbers waiting on size

Been out on the L. Sac chasing stripers the last week. Fishing has been a numbers game as size has alluded me. Good numbers of fish in the 14-22" range (3-4lbs) caught on sub suface and top water. "Bigger Fish" seem to be eluding eveyone as all the bait, plug, and fly anglers I talk to express the same thing. The funny thing is every time I am on the water I see a few bigger fish smash bait or move off a flat. I saw a pig last time I was out multiple times smash pick minnows on the surface. Back outta the water whole deal...Cast to him multiple times with every conceivable fly, size, pattern and just couldn't get him to eat. So as I have said before they are their just gotta find them at the right time.

Other than that I am back to school this week but will get out on the river a few afternoons after school this week. Haven't heard much about other fisheries. Did hear the Yuba has been tough with the fluctuation and drop in flows. August is striper month so I have a hard time turning my attention to trout fishing. Well back to work today...over and out.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Fly of the Month in the Ozarks...Nice

Check it out the bass cracker is going Nation wide. I never been to the Ozarks but it is good to know that the Ozark smallies like it as much as Nor Cal smallies.