Saturday, January 23, 2016

Reports and open dates...quick post.

Open Late Winter and Early Spring Dates
Feb 8, 20,
March 5, 19, 28, 29,
Apri 1, 2, 9, 30

Email for Striper and Shad dates for May-October if you are looking to book early.

It has been raining for what seems like well over a week and rivers have been going from near flood stage to high and off color. When not raining the wind has been ripping and blowing across the valley as snow dumps in the mountains. All good news for rivers and fish as worry of drought and apocalyptic water shortages have plagued California but has made it tough for actually getting out on the water. In the end though being able to fish when ever and where ever December through February is a symptom of a drought and not normal. Normal is having small windows between storms to get out and fish local rivers for a few days before the next storm moves in.

The Lower Yuba has been in desperate need of a big water winter and it has seen some great pushes of water the last week or so. Releases from Englebright peaked at around 8000cfs with flows down deer creek peaked around 3000cfs with total releases hitting 12,000cfs through Marysville. While flows dropped for a brief respite mid week this last week both deer creek and Englebright are racing back up as they swell with all the rain from Friday. There should be some great fishing over the next few weeks as this pattern of storms moving in every few days is forecasted to repeat. The key will be to time  your fishing inbetween storms as the river comes into shape. Feb - April is really shaping up for some AMAZING spring fishing on the Lower Yuba River.

Feather River Spring steelhead fishing this March-April should be very good. As Lake Oroville fills we should see more “normal” spring flows on the Feather and another great spring steelhead run on the feather with fish holding throughout the high flow and into the low flow. I like to spend most of my time fishing the spring run with swtich and light spey rods swinging flies as these fish are some of the most apt to take a swung fly in the valley.

Lower Sacramento River Trout winter fishing has been good but with the rain most of the river below clear creek has blown out and while the upper most stretch from Posse to Bonnie remains fishable I think it is only a matter of time before Lake Shasta muddies up and the hole rivers colors up. With any luck thought March and April will again be two of the best months of trout fishing all year on the Lower Sac and with good snow pack and rain this year should be great.

Lower Sacramento spring Striper fishing should be great this year as we will finally have some decent spring flows to move the migratory run of fish up river around Butte City and Chico. This hasn’t happened the last few years as releases are minimal in April and May from Shasta and run off is non-existent down the tributaries

LATE SPRING AND SUMMER STRIPERS, SHAD, BASS, CARP – With the sierra snow pack and rian so far this winter and the forecast of more to come it is going to be a great spring/summer/early fall striper year in 2016! Book NOW for the best dates as they are already booking up!

CHECK OUT the latest issue of Fly Fishermen Magazine and Cal Fly fishers for articles on Striper fishing on the Lower Sac (Fly Fisherman Magazine) and the spread of techniques through the world of fly fishing (Cal Fly Fisher) this month.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

the Holiday Hangover is over...go forth.

So the holiday hang over is over and if you haven’t noticed the days are getting longer every so slightly. While we still need MORE and MORE snow and rain things are looking good…We have been storms moving through on a pretty regular basis and while the snow pack is not as big as some years it is MUCH bigger then the last few. I drove over to Reno this last weekend and there was more snow then I had seen in many years. Fishing continues to be fair to good on most rivers around me, some days are better then others but that is really how Winter fishing is. On to the business end…

Lower Sacramento River: The Lower Sac hasn’t changed much sense my last post outside of the weather has been a bit warmer on average. For a few weeks it was really cold, in the low 40’s in Redding and the fish really seemed to only be active during the warmest part of the day. The last time I was on the river it was a bit more consistent throughout the day as the weather was a bit warmer. The Lower Sac in the winter is traditionally not a huge numbers game but personally in Dec/Jan I catch some of the biggest rainbows of the year so I see it as a fair trade. I have been getting most of my fish on rubber legs and pheasant tail variations almost exclusively. Fishing should remain consistent throughout January and into February but will be very influenced on the weather.
Nice Lower Sac Bow on a COLD DAY!

Lower Yuba Trout
Lower Yuba River: with the last storm moving through I spent a few days on the Lower Yuba River guiding and fishing on my own with my good buddy, guide, and amazing musician Chuck Ragan. I tend to believe that any time the Yuba comes up in flows from its 500-700cfs low and gets a little to even a lot of color it is going to fish really well this winter. With the last storm and color coming out of deer creek via squirrel creek the river has been fishing pretty darn good. Most of the fish I have been catching have come on attractor egg patterns, rubber legs, and Pheasant tail variations. Didn’t do much swung fly fishing but the conditions are pretty good for that as well. With more rain coming in this week and weekend I think the river will continue to have some color and fishing will remain pretty darn good. I have seen limited bug activity. There were some baetis hatching midday but with the clarity I didn’t see any fish coming up to feed. I have not seen any skwalas and don’t imagine they will be out until we get some consistently warmer weather.
Winter Rainbow on the Lower Yuba River

Music News…
Been spending some money on records but being pretty selective as I could easily spend a couple hundred dollars every time I enter a record store. I did find some good used records at Phono Select in Sacramento – Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band Against the Wind and Night Moves as well as Jackson Browne Running on Empty – all classics. Also did buy one of my favorite bands newest albums off Ebay – Appleseed Cast Illumination Rituals and the Built to Spill Live Album. I am restraining myself from spending a small fortune but I am sure over time I will…

In other news my band Royal Oaks ( )did a Friday Show up in Reno at PBJ’s  and Sacramento show at Harlows with Chuck Ragan ( ). We will be doing a few more shows around Northern California over the next few months and then hitting the studio to record a record. Lots of fun getting out with Chuck. Check out our facebook page for photos, videos, and merch and DEFINITELY check out Chuck Ragan's page and music if you get a change. Great fishing music and his new album the Flame and Flood coming out in February was literally written while camping and fishing on the Lower Yuba River!
Royal Oaks at Harlows

Royal Oaks at Harlows
Sports Report –
Well I think injuries finally caught up with the Irish against Ohio…our defense was basically the JV squad and with 6 defensive backs hurt and our stud linebacker blowing up his knee 6 minutes in we kept the game closer then many expected but in the end we couldn’t stop the Ohio state offense and we made some serious mistakes on offense. Over all I am very happy with team 127 and I think with all they had to overcome they did an AMAZING job this year. Now it is on to signing day and awaiting spring training…sorry but basketball or Hockey don’t really excite me…