Saturday, May 2, 2009

Lower Yuba River 2 May 2009

IT PISSED RAIN ALL DAY!!!!!!! Woke up and saw Deer Creek was up to about 300cfs but the river hadn't moved more than a few CFS. I figured the river would be plenty fishable, but would have some color. Put the boat in about 8:30am and was a little surprised at how much color the river already had. By the time we ran the shuttle and my one client and me got in the boat the river was about 1' -2' of visibility. Definitely more than a little color. Switched to muddy water fly set ups....differently flies when the water is off color.... and started fishing some standard spots with no results. Adjusted the game plan and started fishing spots that fish get pushed when the water rises and clarity is compromised. Started picking up fish. We hooked about 10 landing 5, not a bad day for one angler, but not great...just good. Remember when flows rise, lines and the areas where fish hold get pushed towards the banks. Also remember sediment in the water is like standing in a smoke filled room for the fish....they want to find clean water. Look at the banks, shallow water, or deep water to get below the sediment. I would imagine the river will blow out tonight and be blown out for a few days. Trip tomorrow moved to the L. Sac....
Over and Out.
Hogan Brown

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