Sunday, September 13, 2009

Friday night Stripes

So I have been having some engine trouble with my motor and it is in about a million different pieces as I contemplate repairing...tagging it for scrap metal and buying a new one...or spending today and everyday this weekend sitting in the gutter drinking coors light and cussing at it. One of my good buddies who I fish with a lot decided to take pitty on me and take me out on his boat this friday. Fished a small section of river that I have never fished before...We hooked about five fish and I farmed a big one...came tight to the fish which flexed the rod (10wt) through the cork...thing started to move to the middle of the river...I fumbled with the line as I attempted to drive the 4/0 hook into his Cranium...came up again and I could feel myself pull the hook out.... then saw a massive boil as the fish swam a way....Damn!!! I Blamed my buddy as we were in the middle of a heated debate about some element of baseball...both being baseball nuts. Any how may head out to the feather today to poke around for some early steelhead...may stay home and swear at my motor...who knows....

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