Friday, February 5, 2010


So I am leaving tonight to go crash out in some roach coach motel by the airport and fly out at 6am to Misoula MT. 6 am is damn early to catch a plane...I am thinking up at 4am airport by 430....check everything except Ipod so I don't get strip searched at the gate...crawl into plane sleep.

My goal is to make a little video of the trip...but we'll see I have about 5 videos in various stages of completetion...meaning I start videos and never finish we'll see.

An in other news...some pics from the vice...yes it is baetis time and skwala in Sunday from MT...should be on the L. Yuba to fish the skwala hatch by 3pm.... Monday holiday....maybe a little Butte Creek....who knows.

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