Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Reports and what is coming up...

Been fishing all over the place recently as there is a lot of places fishing well and the weather has most definitely turned from Indian summer/fall to winter. Here is what has been going on...

Lower Sac - I have been from Aqua Gold down to Los Molinos over the last few weeks and fishing has been good to fair to tough through out the river. I still have not run into much of an egg bit and I think most have written it off for this year...again. Most of my days have been down between Red Bluff and Los Molinos chasing trout and steelhead. Fishing has been pretty good. When ever we fish down here you are taking a few less trout in exchange for the opportunity of getting into a steelhead. Over the weekend we caught good numbers of nice size trout, fin clipped half pounders, and two adult steelhead. Most fish came on small flies which can make those bigger fish tough. A few fish came on eggs but most were on smaller mayflies and attractors.

Feather River - Feather remains fair as there are still plenty of salmon on redds down to Palm Ave and good numbers of steelhead in the river. That said there are alot of people chasing them. We got into a few half pounders and a few adults over the weekend on egg patterns. Nothing to get totally excited about but I was happy with our numbers based on the crowds on the river.

Lower Yuba - I am thinking of heading back over to the Yuba soon as the baetis hatches are starting. Ryan Johnston was over there this weekend and said that he had good numbers of fish but most were pretty small. He did get 3 fish on dries which is pretty cool. I would like to see a bit of rain add some color to the river and maybe kick up the flows a bit before I head over again but I may just say screw it and see if I can get into some dry fly fishing over there.

Butte Creek - The creek opens up Nov. 15 and as of now flows are LOW but that is pretty typical for this time of year with no real rain. I did see on the long range forecast that there is some serious rain coming in over the next few weeks which should help. The raft is ready and I am getting pretty pumped for a good Butte Creek season.
I think salmon season is about over...

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